Chitransh Ideal Services was established in the year 2013 with an objective of helping students to find admissions in the top colleges around the globe and in the country as well. CIS, today, represents various institutes, colleges, universities all over India etc. Since its inception, it has provided services to many Nepali students in getting admissions in universities around the world. 

Today, we feel very happy in seeing our students realizing their dreams. We are delighted to be a part of their future. CIS team consists of energetic and dedicated people, who provide counseling to the students in finding a good program in the right institute, colleges or universities and help the students with the processing for their admissions and visas. 

​CIS is interested in exploring opportunities for its students in finding new courses, colleges and universities around the world as well as provides them with equal opportunities in the country as well. In line with its objectives, CIS recently launched its training division Barons Academy of Professional Studies P. Ltd. (BARONS) to provide trainings to the youths of the country and to cater to the growing needs. 

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